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WordPress Menus – Updating and changing the menu

WordPress is a great website content management system with so much functionality. This includes creating menus for your site. Depending on your WordPress theme there might be more than one menu location, but the main one is usually the one at the top of your web page.

The WordPress menu support allows you to create menus. These can link to other pages on your site, they can link to other sites or even to downloads.

Here’s how you get to add a WordPress menu or edit an existing WordPress menu:

Log in to your website – You need to log into the website. The login domain is usually “yourdomainname”.com/wp-login.php. If this doesn’t work you will need to speak to your web designer. If you don’t currently have your login details then you should get them from your web designer or web developer.

Click on “Appearance” on Left Hand Side – When you login at your website you will be presented with your WordPress dashboard. The WordPress Dashboard has a menu on the left-hand side. You need to click on appearance in this menu. Once you open up the Appearance Sub Menu on your WordPress Dashboard you will see the Menu item. This section gives you the option to add a new menu or edit an existing menu.

You can change the order and hierarchy of menu items quite easily. The items you have on the right-hand side of the page show how your menu will appear on your website. You can drag and drop these menu items into a different order. You can make some menu items a drop-down option under the main menu items by pulling them to the right until they indent.

After making updates to your menu items, click the Save Menu button at the top or bottom of the screen and the updated menu will appear on the live website.

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