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Think of your website as your home out there in cyberspace.  Just like your physical home on terra firma.  Your virtual home (aka, your website) is something that you can call your own.  In fact, this is the space where you get to share information about your business with the rest of the world.

As part of your online media strategy, your website is a valuable property which enables you to get a market share of your industry.  It is a central hub, giving your brand an online presence, serving to keep customers informed of your business offerings and services.

Why is a website important

If this doesn’t impress you, here are still more reasons why having a website is essential for any business:


Ah, sales – the life blood of all businesses.  Your website plays a pivotal role in your customer’s journey with your brand.  As frequently the final destination in sales or leads, a website is a strategic part of any business, serving as a platform where marketing campaigns are created.

Relationships with your target market

Networking is essential to the success of a business.  And a website provides the opportunity to do just that.  This is a place where your target market can find out more about your brand.  Here design and content play a strategic role in inviting your guests to stay a little longer and engage with the content of your website.

Establish trust

Trust is the backbone of any relationship.  When it comes to your website, there are many different aspects which facilitate the establishment of trust between your brand and your target market.  Having a solid online presence is an important starting point in creating trust. This can be further enhanced by creating credibility through testimonials, so that your visitor gets to know your company from a more objective point of view.  Showcasing your work is another great way of establishing credibility in your brand’s ability to implement its service offerings.  Best of all, you get to strut your stuff, while educating your visitor about your brand.

Continuous accessibility

Unlike its brick and mortar counterpart, your website never sleeps or closes shop.  This means that your customers can have access to your business 24/7/365 whether they are working late, using their insomnia constructively or just in a different time zone.  In the case of an e-Commerce site this means that you are always open for business.  For all brands, having a website means that visitors can get information, fill out the necessary contact forms, making them one step closer to doing business with you.

Re-marketing opportunities

Re-marketing is a cookie based technology enabling the tracking of a visitor once they have visited your site.  This is a great tool, especially if a person has visited your site without buying anything.  If you think that is the end of the business line with that person, think again.  In fact, with re-marketing, this person becomes a lead and you are able to get in front of that audience again.  As visitors are tracked on their journey to other pages on the internet, an advert of your brand can appear, nudging the person to click on its content.  This increases the chances of a person clicking through to your site and converting, whether your aim is to achieve a sale, subscription or just create awareness of your offerings.

Popular online platforms where you can re-market:

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook

Google Search Results Page

Having a website and using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to optimise your content, provides a way to rank on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  This increases the likelihood of your customer finding your website when looking for a business or services in your particular industry.

These are some of the highlights that you can enjoy with a website, equipping your businesses with the ability to strategically position your brand.  This means you can get to claim ownership and have an online presence through this valuable digital property, increasing the opportunities of providing your services and effectively creating business with your target market.

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