What is this WordPress thing all about anyway?

WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) that powers around a quarter of all of the websites on the Internet. So yeah, it’s a pretty big deal.

We use WordPress as a platform to create really amazing websites for our clients. Websites that not only look great, but websites that are easy to maintain. Let’s face it, no one wants to pay a developer to change a few sentences or update a photo on their website. With our custom WordPress based solutions, we make it easy.

We use WordPress as a base for all kinds of cool websites. From basic brochure type sites to online portals. We have created membership systems, real estate listing systems, document repositories, online stores selling physical or digital products, accommodation booking platforms, business listings, showcases, galleries and payment facilities. We do however believe that our best work is yet to come and your project could be just that. Our best work!

We develop websites smartly using the latest methodologies and always strive for best practice. We talk PHP & JavaScript. HTML & CSS. API’s, SASS, LESS, Bootstrap, Foundation, blah, blah blah, coffee and donuts. You get the picture.

We strive to deliver cutting edge websites that are fast and efficient. We don’t compromise on quality and so don’t take on any rush jobs. Good things are worth the wait. You only have one shot at a good impression right?

Web development is more than a couple of nerds throwing code together to make something work. It is about making something that is both beautiful and functional. Creating a pleasurable experience for the user is paramount.

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So what makes our WordPress offering better than all the other guys?

For starters, we are cool. Oh you mean benefits to you, here we go…
Ongoing Support

We provide optional ongoing service and maintenance. We are not going to just build you a website and throw you to the wolves. We are here to hold your hand every step of the way.

WordPress Training

We provide training videos & PDF documentation for the version of WordPress your website is using. When your site gets upgraded, so do the videos. These WordPress training videos can be accessed 24/7 directly within your admin area – so you are never stuck without help. Well that’s smart isn’t it?

Simple Admin

We provide a customized admin area and remove the extra clutter no one wants to see. We like things to be clean and simple, I’m sure you do too.


WordPress Maintenance Plans

I already have a WordPress website.
Can you guys look after it for me?

We sure can, see our WordPress Help service

Our WordPress maintenance plans start from only $75 per month. Sign-up for Worry free WordPress now!

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