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Why your website is failing

We are professional web designers. That means we are automatically classed as SEO experts who are going to get your new site to page one one Google right?

Wrong! It is this assumption that many people out there have. It often comes from a place of ignorance or arrogance. Sure, we do our best to create a website that is fast, optimized for search engines, mobile responsive and hopefully filled with good content, but SEO and organic growth extend far beyond that.

The problem with most first time website owners is that they often have no idea what it takes to have a successful website. They believe that they have spent a large chunk of change on a website, so it should automatically be successful. When in reality there is far more to it, and in almost every case it is going to take a huge amount of commitment from the client to ensure that the website is a success. We believe that your website should be the number one weapon in your marketing arsenal. After all it is a 24×7, 365 sales person who never sleeps.

In the ideal world this sales person is your top performer. They bring in the most new business, the best kind of business and the earn a lower salary than any of your other employees. They take no sick days, no annual leave and you make no contributions to their superannuation. You don’t even pay them commissions or performance bonuses. Yet they continue remain loyal and effective regardless.

Well that certainly sounds like the kind of sales person we would want for our business. I mean who wouldn’t? Surprisingly enough, most business owners out there don’t share that same perspective. They see a website as an expense that doesn’t add much value to their bottom line.

What a shame! 90% of the time, the number one reason for a website failing is neglect due to the lack of vision and understanding by the owner. They have a website because they have been told they need one, not because they see the value or understand the true potential. Often times they are lazy and refuse to provide  any ongoing input. They expect miracles to happen – just like that.

Contrary to popular hype, I believe anything worthwhile takes guts, determination and plenty of hard work. There is no quick fix. No get-rich-quick method. No fairy godmother waving a wand. If you want your business to succeed you have to work hard, work smart, add value and provide an exceptional customer experience. So why would building a website take anything less.

The truth be told: you can turn your website into that perfect sales person. However it is going to require your time, application and dedication to ensure success. We have seen numerous cases where websites have become a business’ key asset. But through each of these times the success is directly linked to the mindset and dedication employed by the business owner and often times their team as well.

After all, who knows your business better than you? Who knows what your customers want and the pain points they face. Who knows how to deliver a solution better than you do. You have made your business what it is. Don’t you think it’s time to put that same level of dedication into your website and start reaping some reward for all of your efforts?

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