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2017 promises to be another exciting year in website development and website design.  As mobile usage increases in significance, so design trends are in turn adapting to access of websites via digital devices rather than a desktop.

So what’s in store for web design in 2017

According to Yahoo Tech’s report of November 2016, internet usage for mobile devices now stands at 51%, compared to 48.74% access via desktop.  Additionally,  when it comes to mobile access, smartphones are at the forefront with a access figure of 46.53% against that of tablets at 4.73%.

It is against this backdrop that we take a closer look at the key WordPress trends for 2017:


Adaptations and modification of the navigation menu show the impact of mobile on elements of web design.  This has resulted in a simplification in order to enable greater efficiency and accessibility of content.

Menu navigation items are reduced to the minimum amount of tabs, with some home pages only presenting the main focus of the site such as dedicating the page to a specific action e.g. bookings.

The use of the hamburger menu as a representation of navigation is a further indication of the adaptation to the impact of mobile technology on web design.

Having said the above, mega menus may still be used for websites such as eCommerce sites which have many webpages.


There is a move to break away from the grid structure that has been an integral part of web design.  This is part of a natural evolution where websites are becoming more expressive and spontaneous in their design style.

The significance of website expression and having a unique style is further evident in webfont services who have started to provide a greater array of font options.  Webfont services such as Typekit have a limited version free with access to the main offerings on available as a paid service.

On the other hand, Google web font offers a free service with around 600 fonts with various styles from which to choose.

Aside from the exploration of these webfonts, there is also a move towards hand drawn elements.  This can be seen for example in a ‘hand drawn’ arrow on a page which brings a unique character to the site while also serving to draw attention to a particular aspect such as, a call to action.

Website security

With the mandatory switch from HTTP to HTPS comes an added security on the internet.  This is particularly significant for eCommerce sites while it also benefits websites overall.


Colours mirror the trends found in home décor. This has two main components – neutral colour palettes which reflect the natural world while the second colour trend has bright colours, creating a vibrancy which draws the user to engage with the site.

The trend shows presentation of both of these colour styles are in a gradient

Single page appearance

This format can be used in a number of different ways:  from creative freelancers (such as photographers) to CVs to websites or landing pages.  This design also reflects the influence of mobile, providing one page as a central point of access to the website content.


This is an interesting design style where the background moves more slowly than the foreground.  This style is focuses on design while also providing strategic value, highlighting specific areas or activities such as a CTA button.

Parallax gives a sense of depth and vitality as a user scrolls, adding to the person’s experience and connection with the site and its content.

Parallax needs to be used conservatively so as not to overpower the user’s experience and also so that content doesn’t get lost in the images.

Despite this, when parallax is used appropriately, it creates a layered content which can be used subtly to convey deeper, multi-faceted brand messages

Multi purpose WordPress themes

These themes provide a versatile website template that can be used across a wide range of platforms and businesses, from personal blogging to sophisticated eCommerce sites.  These WordPress themes can be adapted to uniquely reflect a particular brand or business.

Whatever your reasons, using WordPress provides access into a world where both design and content are used to promote a brand and motivate a user to engage further with the website and its content.

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