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Your Instagram Profile is the key point where your followers and people conducting searches, can find information about you or your brand. Think of it as your home page on the platform, where you write a teaser introduction, using essential information to provide insights about your brand.

We take a look at 7 different elements in creating an impactful Instagram profile.

Your Instagram profile

1 – Bio

Consisting of 150 characters, your bio is the place where people find out about your brand and your vision.  This section is extremely important.  You want to use it to create a good impression.  This may include listing your key accomplishments or special offerings which make your brand unique.

Some brands use a hashtag in their profile, so that they can identify posts using their hashtag.

As this is an extremely compact space, it is best to keep it clean, using elements such as emojis to a minimum.  In this context it’s best to exploit emojis in terms of their functional value.  For example, emojis can work well in drawing your visitor’s attention such as using a finger pointing downwards to draw attention to your URL.

2 – Username/Handle

Choosing the right profile name is important in order to appear in searches so that people interested in your subject can find you.

When a person is searching for a particular brand or category, there is an autocomplete in the search text box, which inserts an Instagram handle, enabling a person to access your Instagram page.  For this reason, it’s best to use your business name as your Instagram handle.  If this is already taken, then use your business name + another detail at the end such as your location or industry.  In this way you can still have a strong brand identity while using the added detail to further describe or reinforce your offering.  Additionally you will still be able to benefit from the autocomplete function.

3 – Geographic Location

Specifying your country is another way of optimising your brand name for Instagram searches so that people looking for local businesses can find your in their searches. This helps in establishing a unique edge for your brand, while creating awareness of your brand offering among potential local customers at the same time.

4 – Instagram URL

The only place on your Instagram Profile where you can have your URL is in your bio section.  Although your may primarily use this space for your website, it can also be used as part of a link to promote a campaign, providing a link which clicks through to the landing page of the campaign so that the link functions as a Call-to-Action, directing the visitor to the offer on your landing page.

5 – Logo

The space for your profile or logo is also significant, allowing you to use an image that identifies your brand.  This is important as you want your visitor to have an image that is easily identifiable as your brand.  Ideally, your logo should be consistent across all social media and your website.

6 – Enabled Notifications and Settings

It is a good idea to set your profile option to ‘public’. Making it easy for people to follow you.  This is especially relevant if you are a brand, encouraging following by making the following process as effortless and seamless as possible.

It is also good to check your “options” settings to ensure that your notifications are enabled.  This allows you to be notified if people share or comment on your photos, allowing you to engage with these people immediately when they follow you or react to one of your posts.

As with all social media platforms, it is a good idea to try different options in terms of your bio content, your URL and even you logo/profile picture, allowing you to get a feel for what best resonates with your audience.

Always keep in mind to provide content and information which are educational or fun and which ultimately can add value or meaning to your visitors and follower, allowing your brand to stand out with a distinctive voice, while impacting positively at the same time.

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