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If you want cheap website hosting there are plenty of options available to you. We understand that may be your only option when starting out. We personally don’t want to be the cheapest because we offer premium WordPress hosting and WordPress maintenance. Managed WordPress Support is vital for any organisation that really wants to see their business grow, wants to make sure their website is secure and ultimately wants peace of mind. Confidence that if something did go wrong, it would be fixed quickly and they would not be offline for too long, if at all.

Investing in managed WordPress support

The purpose of article is to share with you four reasons why Managed WordPress Support is important and why you should consider moving from just basic cheap website hosting to a premium WordPress hosting and Managed WordPress Support.


If you pay for good website hosting and Managed WordPress Support you are going to have a website that loads fast. This will be because we use high-quality hosts but also because we are constantly monitoring your website to make sure that it is not bloated and it will load quickly. A fast loading website is important for Search Engine Optimisation, as well as for user experience.


A managed WordPress maintenance company will make sure that your website is always up-to-date, that it always has the latest version of WordPress, and that all plugins are upgraded regularly. WordPress regularly releases patches and updates for their software because sometimes security vulnerabilities are identified and if you don’t patch these vulnerabilities then you are at risk of getting hacked. A Managed WordPress Support supplier  will make sure that your WordPress is always up-to-date to reduce this risk of a hack. They will also create regular backups of your website so if something does go wrong they can quickly get your website back online and remove any viruses.


If your website suddenly gets popular, then you may have a massive influx of unexpected traffic. Some hosts may not be able to handle the extra bandwidth and this may lead to your website crashing. If you have Managed WordPress Support coupled with premium website hosting, then you won’t have this issue as they can scale up the bandwidth for your services as required 


I think the most important things to think about when hosting your website is the support that you get if something goes wrong. Now we all hope that things don’t go wrong but we all pay for insurance don’t we? So think about it. Paying a little bit extra for Managed WordPress Support is just like paying insurance for your website. If something does go wrong you know that extra money is going to mean that your website is fixed faster than it may have been if you’re paying for cheap hosting and relying on requests that take days or weeks to get answered.

Managed WordPress Support is not that expensive. In fact it’s an extremely cost-effective investment for the security of your website and your own peace of mind. Do yourself a favour invest in your website today.

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