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As the go-to social media business platform, your brand’s presence on LinkedIn is the ideal place where you can connect with your target market and develop relationships with potential leads.

Improve you LinkedIn brand presence

If you are still waiting to join up, here are 5 key reasons why you and your business should have a LinkedIn presence:

1 – Establish thought leadership in your industry

The various publishing options on LinkedIn, namely long form publishing and status updates enable a brand to provide interesting information on topics of interest and establish the brand as a trustworthy, industry authority.

Commenting on articles and the like provided by other brands can in turn both establish a two-way dialogue while also drawing attention to your brand and your expertise, creating awareness with a network which extends beyond your own.

2 – Show credibility of your company

Having a brand profile on LinkedIn allows you to provide key details about your company such as when it was created, its areas of specialization. Additionally, LinkedIn’s endorsement option allows customers and clients who have dealt with you company, to write testimonials on their experiences. All of this serves to create an impression of your company as an authentic, trustworthy brand which fosters trust of potential new customers, encouraging them to enter into further dialogue with your company and engage with your brand offering.

3 – Access key target market

As people in your network will overlap with your industry and areas of interest and expertise, the business platform makes a great meeting ground for developing relationships with key stakeholders in the industry. This offers the opportunity to all network members to share information, growing the relationship and refining the expertise of all stakeholders.

4 – Brand presence

As a business, being part of LinkedIn further extends your presence while developing relationships with your target market. Potential customers looking for your offering or service can find your company in their searches.

Additionally, having a profile on LinkedIn allows future leads to find out more about your company in a safe, trusted environment so that they not only learn about your brand’s existence but also develop a sense of trust in your brand as a result of your presence on the platform.

5 – Increase your following on LinkedIn

By producing valuable content, you will encourage your network to like your posts. This in turn will create awareness of your presence with your connections’ network, creating the opportunity to establish new connections with people who find your content valuable and who want to join you network.

As more and more businesses and people join LinkedIn, the platform becomes increasingly significant in terms of establishing relationships and leveraging the power of connections in developing leads and growing your business. So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve not yet joined, either as an individual or as a brand, start today to explore this medium so that you too can enjoy the benefits of the world’s largest business network.

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