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So, you’ve spent hours, days and months on great web design and content which perfectly reflect your brand.  Now all you need is the traffic, right! So just how can you drive traffic to your new WordPress website?

We take a look at impactful strategies to successfully drive traffic to your new WordPress website.

Google Console

Since all life (well cyber life at any rate) revolves mainly around Google, the search giant’s Google Console makes a good starting point, allowing you to give Google a personal invitation to your site by submitting your site maps and individual URLs for crawling. This helps to improve your site’s presence on Google Search, so that your website appears on the relevant SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) in answer to the relevant search requests.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another handy tool from Google, which helps you answer the question ‘Is your website achieving its objectives?’. This freemium web analytics service offered by Google tracks and reports website traffic, providing insights of visitors’ engagement with your content, helping to guide you in content creation and web development.

Connections Count

Creating connections by linking related content on your website to your blog page allows search bots to understand your blog in a context.  It helps Google understand the structure of your site by guiding bots to other pages on your site.  Additionally, creating links to a particular page gives that content more link value, establishing hierarchy on your site which can further boost SEO.

Linking out from your site to another website can be used strategically to connect with and create awareness of your site and its offerings.  If this creates traffic for them, they may well notice the link and visit your site to find out more information about possible synergy.  Better still, they may need your services and become a client!

Broadcast on Social Media

Whether it’s a new blog, new offer or just fresh news – social media provides an opportunity to create awareness and connect with your followers, encouraging them to visit your site to find out further information.

Show your human side

Visitors who share their thoughts and ideas in the comments, show that your content has resonated with them.  This provides an opportunity to communicate and establish a connection with them.  Responding to comments reinforces this, allowing you to answer questions and even convert potential leads into sales.

Valuable Content

Content is king, and not just for Google.  While quality site content is essential for SEO, it is just as important for your visitors.  With so much information available on the internet, regularly providing  content that is valuable and fresh facilitates loyalty and helps drive traffic.

Create a line of communication

According to, over 70% of your visitors abandon your website, never to return.  One way of maintaining the contact is to establish a database through a sign-up email option.  This means you can keep in contact, add value, establish a relationship and trust, plus showcase new offers, developments and company news – keeping your brand top of mind through email communications.

Create a Search Engine Friendly Website

When it comes to making your site accessible for both search engines and users, Yoast SEO plugin is the way to go.  As one of the most popular WordPress plugins, this tool helps improve the overall UX of your WordPress website.  Available free or in a premium option, Yoast provides many features to optimise SEO such as meta and link elements which provide information on which pages will appear on a SERP of Google.  The plugin automatically creates XML sitemap which helps Google search  bots, while the social feature facilitates seamless connection with your social platforms.

Wrapping it up

Using these different tactics can help create awareness of your offerings and drive traffic to your site.  Keep in mind to be realistic.  Increasing your site traffic takes time and patience, evaluating feedback and refining your strategies in order to maximise the results. While it’s not going to be an overnight sensation, by diligently applying different strategies, using social media and focusing on valuable content, you can grow your website traffic incrementally.

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