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Why mobile friendly

We are still amazed by the number of websites we visit that are non responsive and do not look good on a mobile device. It makes no sense to us because surely the owners of these websites are using smartphones in the same way that everyone else is using a smartphone.

I mean, surely they are searching for information and would prefer to have that information in an easy to read format on their own device. Why wouldn’t they want to make it easy for other people to view their website a mobile device? I just want to expand a little bit more below on the three major reasons why you need to have a mobile friendly website:

Your customers are using mobile search and demand a mobile website

As we mentioned briefly in the introduction people are using mobile devices to search for things on the Internet. They are using mobile search more than they’re doing this on PCs and desktops . Google wants to make sure the people using search on mobile devices have a good experience, so Google is ranking mobile friendly websites higher than they are ranking non mobile friendly websites, because your customers and potential customers are using mobile search. You want them to find you when they’re looking for information on their mobile devices. 

People are buying from mobile devices

Online ecommerce is increasingly becoming common on mobile devices as well. If you sell products on your website you want to make it easy for people to buy them on a mobile device. If your page is too hard to navigate around, if they have to squeeze to zoom in on particular parts of your page to find the buy now button, they are not going to buy from you on their mobile device. The bottom line is: you are missing out on potential customers if you don’t have a mobile friendly website

It’s going to help your SEO

It may be obvious from the point mentioned above but is worth reinforcing the fact that you need to have a mobile friendly website so your website ranks highly in Google. Google is penalising websites that are not mobile friendly, and not responsive to different screen sizes on different devices. If you’re not ranking in Google you’re missing out on potential customers. If you have a website that is not currently responsive, is not currently mobile friendly, we can help you fix this please get in touch today if you would like help to make your website mobile friendly.

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