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What’s a FAQ page

The FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions page is a deceptively significant page in a website, strategically contributing to the user experience while having a surprising SEO functionality as well.

We look at the key elements of the strategic FAQ page as a platform for driving traffic and converting visitors into leads and customers.

1 – Layout of FAQ page

Keep in mind that your visitor is going to the FAQs page for quick and easy information, so use a clean and simple format to aid accessibility of the content.

If you have a lot of information, then this can be organised into different categories of your product or service and also of the buying process, making your answers as accessible as possible.  Categories can be further enhanced with a navigation menu for the page, containing tabs linked to the different sections of the page.  This can also be achieved using a dropdown menu where the visitor chooses from a selection of categories which best answer the query, which can be an effective way of directing your visitor to the corresponding  information required.

2 – Types of questions

Used effectively, the FAQ page can:

a) save you (and your potential customer) time needed to clarify a query;

b) help the user engage and understand your offering;

c) reduce frustration which in turn increases engagement and likability of your product.

Use real questions asked by real people.  This may sound a little strange, but essentially, you want to include the most commonly asked questions rather than making up questions you would like to be asked.

The FAQ also page provides an ideal opportunity to allay your lead’s or customer’s concerns, providing your visitor with a platform where you can provide solutions or address issues and queries.

3 – Integrating the FAQ page into the website

FAQ can be used strategically to direct both your visitor and search engine bots to other pages in your website. This can be achieved by creating a link to another page in your website which contains further information relating to the answer.

In turn, this can serve to move your visitor further along the sales funnel, achieving the sales objective of your website.  Additionally, it also directs search engine bots to the other pages.

4 – FAQ page as a personal assistant

Your FAQ page can be used strategically as a buffer between your company and potential customers contacting your company directly about a query.  So an answer is provided without your visitor having to make contact with your company for the information.

On the other hand, you also want your visitor to know that your door is always open, so it’s a good idea to include contact details such as your contact number and email as well as a link to the contact page.

It is a good idea to keep a running list of the questions your customers ask in order to understand your product.  In this way your FAQ remain current and up-to-date.

5 – SEO

FAQ pages make an interesting vehicle for SEO for your website as a page which is rich in keywords relating to your business.  Additionally, by creating links from different pages of your website, you set up your FAQ page as a landing page from Search Engine Results Pages. 

Wrapping it up

The FAQ page enhances UX of the website, acting as a place which expands on information provided on the other pages of your website.

Used strategically, the FAQ page has amazing versatility, building credibility for your company while assisting your visitor by educating and engaging them with your product, encouraging visitors to take the next step to buying your product.

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