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So, you’ve decided to start blogging.  Great.  We also get it that you may be faced with the decision of the kind of blog you want to write, asking yourself what are the most popular blogs out there? And while there are many blogs on the web covering different industries, interests and experiences, you need to create a blog on a topic you know so that you can add value to your reader.

Your choice of subject will also influence the best WordPress theme to use for your blog.

In this article we take a look at the most successful types of blogs to get you up and running immediately.

Blog about your passion

Your blog will speak to you audience through authentic content based on a subject or industry about which you are passionate.  In this way, you’ll be able to connect with a niche audience through a common interest.  The more valuable content you share, the more you will be seen as an authority in your industry, allowing you to build up your audience following.

Still deciding?  Here are the most popular blog categories to get started.

1 – Fashion Blogs

If you love following current fashion trends, putting together different items of clothing using the latest styles and accessories, then fashion blogging may just be an ideal match for you.

Fashion blogging has a strong visual side where you can use photos to share your ideas.  Leveraging visual appeal plays a huge role in selling your ideas to your audience while developing a specific style identity.

Fashion is a lucrative industry and honing your skills and building your credibility as a fashion blogger can lead to invitations to fashion events and product reviews.  Additionally, as your status increases, you can even get access to new business opportunities such as promoting a particular fashion brand or even designing your own fashion label.

2 – Food Blogs

If you love discovering new food combinations and exploring new ideas in the kitchen, then food blogging is definitely up your alley. It is advisable to test all your recipes before uploading them on your blog, ensuring that a top notch quality of food and suggestions.  This will help engender trust with your audience, allowing you to develop a solid relationship with your following.

Food blogs also have a strong visual component.  Just think of your own response to seeing a beautifully laid out recipe.  It certainly catches your attention.  And you want to have just the same impact (and more) on your audience.

There are many different avenues that you can use as a food blogger.  Whether it is creating your own recipes or sharing your food experiences or even reviewing a restaurant.

This industry also can bring perks with opportunities to a variety of revenue streams such as collaboration with different food brands and invitation to restaurants.

Food blogs are another popular blog type. It attracts a lot of readers who are interested in recipes, ingredients, healthy eating, fine dining, and other food related stories.

3 – Travel Blogs

Do you enjoy the thrill of new and exciting destinations?  Travel blogs is a great way to provide your audience with insights into different places, allowing them to explore new locations through your eyes.

From your experiences to travelling tips and advice, this subject allows you to discover new areas around the world while providing entertaining and useful information to your followers.

4 – Music blogging

Music plays an important role in people’s lives across the world.  Writing about a particular genre which appeals to you can help you develop a strong relationship with people who like similar music.

Again, there are many different subjects such as music festivals, a particular genre such as jazz, hip hop, rap etc, music events, discussing different instruments and more.  While this genre can sometimes be a little technical, if you have a passion and deep understanding for music, then you can build a following her look to your blog to advise them on new developments and releases in the industry.

5 – Fitness

Being fit is an important lifestyle choice ofr many people.  Blogs lend themselves to the subject, allowing a fitness blogger to discuss various do’s and don’t when it comes to fitness plans.  This blog is also highly visual.  Your audience needs to see the exact way to do the recommended exercise.

Always get legal advice on what disclaimer you need to include to avoid legal implications for any eventualities which may occur while following your instructions.

6 – DIY Bloggers

While DIY blogging lends itself to video, information can be provided through step by step photographs.  DIY is an industry which can cover a vast amount of information and for different levels.  DIY can encourage questions from your readers, facilitating engagement which in turn builds a community around your blog.

7 – Personal Blogs

If you enjoy sharing your experiences with an audience, then personal blogging could be a good avenue to pursue.  The upside of this type of blogging is that because you are writing about yourself – be it a personal diary, your adventures, events that happen to you in your day – there’s a good chance that you will always have a lot of content to share.

This type of blogging facilitates a close relationship with your audience as you give them up close and personal insight into your life experiences.  As this is your own experiences, you have a certain leeway with your photographs.  While images should always be of a high quality, when your audience is seeing your experience through your camera, the shots can have a more informal feel to them.

8 – Mommy Blogger

Parenting sites are really big.  This is a subject which many people can relate to.  From your personal experiences as a mother to advice as an expert, there is a lot to share with your audience.  Plus you can never go too wrong with cute baby photos, showing the tender, humourous and frustrating side of parenting – to which all parents can relate.

9 – Entertainment

Imagine being able to skip the queues and be the first to see the latest movies and plays.  Being an entertainment blogger certainly does have its perks. In this industry you

Can become part of the marketing side of a new release, creating hype through your comments and reviews.

10 – Cars

Okay,  you have a thing for speed, combined with a love of cars.  Well then, being a car blogger could be just the thing for you. This subject offers a wide variety of opportunities.  If you are an established car blogger, there is the possibility of getting to drive the latest models of various car manufacturers so that you can give your insights on the driving experience.

There are many car lovers out there who love different aspects about cars.  Find an area which appeals to you – whether it is more behind the scenes, fixing and tweaking a car to reviewing the latest sports models and luxury vehicles.  One thing is for certain, you will get to have a lot of fun, whatever category you choose to write about.

11 – Health

As people become more aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, the subject of health blogging increases in popularity. From trying out health samples to finding new ways of leading a healthier life, this blog can lead you to different avenues of health solutions which can impact on the lives of others. A good example of of a health focused blog is found on The Healthy Grain website where their core focus is on the benefits of barley for good gut health, prebiotic fibre and improving gut microbiome.


While there may be many different subjects which interest you, it is a good idea to choose a subject that you find fun, exciting and interesting.  This will play an important role in maintaining your interest in the long run while enabling you to create valuable information which in turn will help build your audience.

One last point.  Don’t wait for the perfect moment to start your blog.  The sooner you begin, the sooner you will find an organic way of developing your content.  Start off by researching different information on your chosen subject, then go out and take action!

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