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The work place is changing and you can either embrace it or get left behind. Nowadays more and more people are working from home, teams are virtual and spread across the globe. JobGrid is a web application that aims to successfully manage the process of hiring remote staff, freelancers or the guy down the street, in an easy and secure way. The system is designed to allow people to find quality work, while it allows employers to get access to the best talent.

Now more than ever before we are seeing hundreds and thousands of graduates leaving university and not able to secure employment. JobGrid will give students access to jobs, allow them to gain much needed experience, get paid adequately for the work the do, and possibly land a full-time gig in the process. The system is not only aimed at students, but anyone looking at doing some form of freelance or remote work.

We got the amazing responsibility of thinking about how the users will interact with the system, which processes would need to be taken how how all of this translates into the design. Key services here were UX & UI Design along with Front-end Development. We completed all of the visual elements and now the system is currently in back-end development.

Wonderlings has been instrumental in our project, providing expert advice from conceptual stage to creating beautiful and user friendly designs. – Chris Porter, JobGrid


JobGrid-Employer-Banking JobGrid-Employer-Candidate-Profile-View JobGrid-Employer-Dashboard JobGrid-Employer-Job-Activity-All-Applicants JobGrid-Employer-Job-Activity-Open-Job JobGrid-Employer-Job-Activity-Project-Status JobGrid-Employer-Job-Activity-Shortlisted JobGrid-Employer-Jobs JobGrid-Employer-Post-Job JobGrid-Employer-Profile JobGrid-Employer-Search-for-Freelancers   JobGrid-Freelancer-Banking JobGrid-Freelancer-Dashboard JobGrid-Freelancer-Job-Activity JobGrid-Freelancer-Job-Search JobGrid-Freelancer-Jobs JobGrid-Freelancer-Profile JobGrid-Freelancer-Search-Results-Job-Detail  JobGrid-login-access-denied JobGrid-login-session-failure JobGrid-register-form


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