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Drug abuse has become a major issue in today’s world. Many young lives are being ruined and relationships are being devastated because of addiction. DrugSign aims to change that by educating and empowering people to make informed choices.

The DrugSign app was created to help parents, teachers and concerned friends to readily identify symptoms, different types of narcotics and give users the ability to report crimes nearby. The app also aims to assist law enforcement organisations in future by building a responsible public network which is essentially millions of eyes and ears all over the place. Even making a difference to a single life makes the project a success.

We were fortunate enough to be hand picked to work on this project. All of the app screen design, icons and user interface design (UI) was created by Wonderlings and then handed over to the developers for implementation. We also had a massive part to play in the overall user experience (UX). The iOS app is currently in beta an is available from the Apple App Sore.

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