You only have one shot at user experience.

Let’s face it, mobile and web apps have taken over and there is no going back. In fact app the industry, as saturated as it may be, is still growing. There is a web or mobile app for almost everything nowadays but how to you ensure that your app stands head and shoulders above the rest?

You make it awesome. That’s how! And by awesome we mean that you focus on the user experience, the user journey and the user interface. If you haven’t picked up on this already, it is all about the user. The more you delight the user, the more successful your app will be.

At Wonderlings we like to make the user feel like a king. So we create beautiful app interfaces for mobile and web. UI & UX design is far more detailed than just making something look pretty, it involves helping the user to achieve their goals in the simplest and smartest way possible.

“Wonderlings has been instrumental in our project, providing expert advice from conceptual stage to creating beautiful and user friendly designs.” – Chris Porter, JobGrid

We design some cool stuff…

  • User interfaces for web applications.
  • UI for web apps
  • UX for web apps
  • App icon design
  • App website design: you already have an app, but need a great looking website to promote it.
  • App styles guides and UI elements: just like your brand, your app also needs a guide to help developers keep things uniform and maintain design integrity.
  • App mock ups: we provide real world images to show what your app looks like being used by real people. This goes a long way to help users make the psychological connection between a digital element and human interaction. Humans identify with humans, not with machines.

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