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About Siyakwazi

Siyakwazi is a not for profit organization in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.Their primary focus is to help children living in rural areas with a wide range of disabilities and barriers to learning. These children often live in extreme poverty and many of their parents are ignorant to their needs. They also provide employment to local young people who are passionate about helping children with special needs promoting access of young children to appropriate educational resources to ensure development in all learning areas through stimulation. These young people become Siyasizas, which means ‘we support’ and are trained through a mentorship programme accessing them to furthering their skills in early childhood development (ECD).

The work that Siyakwazi does is not only noble, but has a lasting impact on the lives of many children, most of which would never be able to progress in life without their help. Their success stories are numerous and we are looking forward to seeing their team make an even bigger impact in time to come.

Siyakwazi’s mission is to support children, in rural communities in the UGU district in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, no matter what their disabilities, learning difficulties or circumstances may be, to reach their full potential and overcome any barriers preventing that success.

Wonderlings has helped us enormously over the last few years. We believe we have an inclusive model of good practice and we want to advocate what we do to support all children excluded from education in South Africa. Through the use of our logo and website we have seen our reach grow nationally and internationally and the support we have received in updating all our information as we grow has been excellent. Thank you for helping us grow and seeing our cause spread across the world.” – Cathy Mather-Pike

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About Global Wheeling

With over 53 000 carbon free kilometres around the globe on pedal power, Adventurer & Filmmaker, Kayden Kleinhans has been raising awareness about pressing environmental issues and our over reliance on fossil fuels for over a decade now.

Through his passion for conservation and the environment, Kayden has planted thousands of trees in South Africa through his charity the Global Wheeling Foundation in a bid to give back to the very source that inspires him so much. It’s this drive and passion for nature that has seen him reach the worlds most amazing natural wonders across six continents on human steam alone.

Pushing the boundaries physically and mentally through some of the most challenging environments the world has to offer, from the likes of the Sahara Desert, war torn Ivory Coast, Death Valley and the Andes solo and unsupported.

A huge thanks to the team at Wonderlings for their continued support of the Global Wheeling environmental charity, without this kind of sponsorship the initiative would not be possible, the support has been fantastic and we look forward to working together. – Kayden Kleinhans